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Looking for true FREEDOM in all aspects of your life?  This is the REAL deal!
Energy healing that addresses all aspects of your being:  Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.  

We offer energy healing sessions for all types of people.  We can help you with your relationship(s), personal finances, self empowerment, personal growth, and the bottom line of your business.  If you want to release all blocks to success, personal expression, and health in all areas of your life, DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!

We bring the power of you by offering:
  • Increased Personal Productivity by Releasing Stress Blocks
  • Making Precise & Intuitive Decisions by Clearing Your Mind
  • Working & Operating More Efficiently by Balancing Your Hearts Emotions
  • Proper Time Management & Personal Organizational Tools
  • Clear Communication between the Employee and Management Relationship Creating a Comfortable Work Environment
  • Education in Energy Management
  • Spiritual Principals & Consulting for Business Owners
  • Tools on Energy and Classroom Management for Teachers
  • Release of Physical Pain Due to Constant and/or Repetitive Movement of Focused Body Parts
The power to live the life you want is in your hands. Becoming self-empowered means you live with awareness and balance with your life... on your terms. If you struggle with anything in life, you are operating from limitation rather than personal freedom.

Golden Lotus Spiritual Healing
gives you the freedom to be YOU.  How this translates into your life is that you pursue your goals with more certainty,  secure healthy relationships, find your purpose and intuition, promising careers and live Soulfully.

Have you worked on your issues and still are not living the life you want then Golden Lotus Spiritual Healing is perfect for you.  Or have you experienced other healing systems and something is still not right, then you are in the correct place.

  Get to Know Jacquie Fruttero!
Jacquie Fruttero
Jacquie offers private energy healing sessions. The sessions are individually created for each person’s unique needs at the time of the healing.

Jacquie can work on anything—mentally, emotionally or physically. Energy healing is a great addition to your overall health and wellness program. She also offers 2 to 4 hour group events for families, businesses, and schools,
which allow people to experience energy healing and learn about holistic health.

Jacquie Fruttero works with the Ascended Master Teachers, the Archangels, and many other Beings of Light.  She offers private sessions to facilitate “whole person healing”.  The sessions are individually created for each person’s unique needs at the time of the   healing.

Jacquie will create an afternoon, evening or all day event for your family, business, school or community.

Personal - $200
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