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Glen - California
Jacquie is an amazing woman. She has a heart of gold and sincerely cares about people. Her intuition is quite strong and her ability to remotely heal simply blew me away. I've always gone to Western doctors and the occasional holistic practitioner, but when she from 223 miles away was able to remotely work on me and I could feel it?! WOW!!! The experiences certainly blew a hole in my theology and my frame of what "normal" is -- and I'm truly thankful she did. I highly respect her and recommend her.

Dr. Bata - San Jose, CA
I lost my wife to cancer late last year. I felt that a part of me died as well. I began to plod through the grieving process. And then I began to search. I wanted to find out who my spirit guides were. I wanted to "talk" with my wife. I needed to know. I began searching. Dream work, numerology, runes, meditation, prayer, etc. Anything that I thought would get me closer. Then in my favorite bookstore I found out about an upcoming workshop facilitated by Jacquie. Everything resonated. I booked a private session with Jacquie one week before the workshop. Everything changed that day. Her ability to draw from and employ the healing angels, archangels, and ascended masters sparked my healing process like nothing before!  And I had my first conversation with my wife... Jacquie is truly the "real deal!"  I booked our second session immediately. The best single session I have ever experienced, bar none!

I attended her five hour workshop this last weekend. Wow!  I have dabbled for years in various aspects of the metaphysical world. Yet I never really found that one methodology that resonated with me. Jacquie's workshop "connected the dots" for me. With her help, I will no longer look outside of me for the answers. She is the gifted teacher/healer who will show me how to go inside for the answers. I am forever grateful!

EM - Santa Clara, CA
I've done some work with other psychics and healers in the past. As great as they were, Jacquie was the first to help me make a serious breakthrough regarding extremely deeply rooted childhood trauma that traditional therapy could not even  begin to get me to address. I'm a mother of two, teacher, woman of color, and performing artist, these days particularly in the area of comedy. Jacquie's techniques and tools as a healer and very gifted psychic literally helped doors to my career and relationships open eerily, and almost precisely, when she predicted. We are all souls that are a work in helps to have a blessed spiritual healer guide you through life's journey and assist you with becoming your highest self! It's such a beautiful feeling as if slowly learning how warm and beautiful the sunshine is after the blinds have been drawn all around you. Now, after my sessions with Jacquie, I'm basking in that sunlight. The greatest gift that she taught me was how to obtain the space of peace on my own.

M.H. - California
I was going through a particularly challenging time with my child's father regarding custody and visitation agreement.  I had been working with Jacquie on other personal growth areas through her healing work at that time and she recommended a session where I would be able to break contracts between the father and I from past lives that have carried over and influenced the nature of the current relationship.  We did our session over the phone and went through contract after contract breaking where our souls were able to communicate and come to an understanding that involved being more child centered-- where he was willing to consider the developmental, emotional and physical needs of our young child.  Negative energies that had been influencing the father were removed. Two days later when I faced him at the mediator's office, he was a transformed man.  He agreed to my terms amicably.  Since then our co-parenting relationship has been less contentious and a lot more respectful.  I can not believe how much impact the contract breaking session has had on our co-parenting relationship and that we are able to set aside our egos to do what is best for our child.  Thank you Jacquie.

Rose Gardner - Santa Clara, CA
I had a migraine headache, nonstop for 24 years.  I was on disability and 90 mg. of Demoral a day when I met Kathryn.  She worked with me 2 to 3 times per week for 9 months.  In the first session, I felt no pain for 5 seconds.  I was sold!  The pain lessened every week for 9 months. At a final healing ceremony in a sweat lodge in New Mexico, Kathryn and her guides helped me say good bye to migraines forever!  That was in 1996.  I have been pain free since then.

Healer - Colorado Hot Springs, Colorado
Kathryn helped me clear negative energy that has been preventing me from working and living for 10 years. It only took 2 sessions!

Tom Treadwell - Ruidoso, NM
I was in a car accident and I sustained brain damage.  I was not able to work, drive or perform daily functions.  My brother found Kathryn in Ojo Caliente, NM.  He had to drive me to my first few sessions.  Kathryn and her guides went right to work on my brain - no mess, no fuss.  6 months later, I was fully functional, running my 2 businesses and in a brand new relationship.  Thanks Guys!

Student - Vancouver, B.C. Canada
I met Kathryn in Vancouver in 1998. After a series of traumas, 2 of which involved violation from 2 other Spiritual Teachers, I was scared and skeptical. However, my most trusted friend in the world assured me that Kathryn was authentic, loving, truly compassionate and the “REAL DEAL”. Boy am I glad I went! In two sessions, she cleared all of the traumas and gave me the insight and tools I needed to continue my Spiritual journey safely and with confidence.

Client - Germany
Kathryn helped me reverse my Parkinson’s Disease from stage 4 to stage 1 in 9 months with only 2 sessions per week.

Eric Rynne - San Jose, CA

Dear Jacqueline and Kathy!

I wanted to let you know that it has been a blessing doing business with both of you ladies. Ever since I have started taking care of your website, logo and brochure work I have been blessed in turn with a ton of work and honorable feedback for the work I do. I am a firm believer in the force of energy that mother Earth provides and know that with the correct form of channeling that anything is possible. I believe that part of my ability to create powerful and strong relationships has been due to the work you have done on my spirit. Through your work I have been able to release things I have been holding on to and have been able to focus on the work that I need to get done. This is why I have done a lot of work for both of you on a trade basis because I am appreciative of not only the work you have done for me, but the work you are sharing with the world.

Here is to a prosperous year for all of us!
Love, Eric Rynne - Owner of E.R. Productions

Steven Dominuez - Ashland, OR
I count my work with Kathryn and the Mother Earth Healing Foundation among the greatest blessings of my life. It is through this work that I have been able to have clear insight and understanding of who I am, and what my life’s work is. Our work together has been enlightening, rigorous, joyful, and invaluable. How can one find happiness and fulfillment without self-knowledge? Kathryn helps to put life experiences into the context of discerning the influences of nature and nurture, internal and external, soul’s truth and veiled perceptions. Through this examination I have been able to recognize my truth in situations past or present. Because of Kathryn and her work I am now the most fulfilled I have ever been. I understand the choices that got me where I am today, and the reason I made them. With this knowledge I now able to navigate my life with a higher level of awareness. I have learned to make choices, based on my soul’s truth rather than external perceived realities; making choices from the heart & soul.

Kathryn’s work is simple and gentle, yet deeply profound. She begins with having me examine what is best about my life, and, as honestly as possible, what the real blocks and issues are. This is the first step that prepared me for a deeper understanding of myself, while creating a space of safety and willingness to explore my issues at their deeper core level. Once I could grasp an issue intellectually, she taught me how to find its root source and how to release the trauma surrounding original events. Once the release process had started, the beliefs, emotional wounding, and subsequent behavior patterns began to transform and eventually, completely released. Kathryn then used her many gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to energetically remove the entire problem. She does this with the help of Spiritual Teachers and Spirit Guides that she works with. I found that once the blocks are extricated there is space for my true authentic self to come forth and express more fully. It is an amazing process that must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Working with Kathryn has effected every aspect of my life. After 30 years of struggle in careers that have lead to dissatisfaction, I am now on track to fulfill my life’s true work. Kathryn has helped me to rediscover my life’s passion and allowed me to remember my full potential. With her help, my roles as husband, father, and provider are infused with more joy, fulfillment, and effectiveness. I am deeply grateful.

Steven Dominguez - Inward Bound Wellness

611 Siskiyou Blvd. Ste. 10 Ashland, OR 97520. (541) 488-0108

Netanel Bellaishe - New York City, NY

As a performer, I find myself on an endless quest for truth.  For an Artist without truth has nothing to share with his audience.  Experiences in life may cause us to lose sight on the perception of our truth and thus behave in an untruthful manner that is harmful to both our present and our future.  Such an experience happened to me during a run of a wonderful show I was doing in Oregon that threatened my ability to perform.  Unexpectedly, I met Jacquie.  I knew right away I needed her help just as she spotted me in need for it.  Sessions with Jacquie deal with the individual’s higher truth as her treatment allows you to regain confidence in what you know is right.  The treatment includes both a discussion on the matter, what naturally arouses the truth to come out, as well as a physical yet energetic way of treatment that begets the regaining of balance to the body, mind, and soul.  By the end of a session, not only do you regain peace of mind and feel charged with positive energy, but you also have a handful of tools and practical methods to maintain that balance of ultimate truth.

Thank you Jacquie for putting me back on track more focused than ever.

Netanel Bellaishe
Professional Performer,
Actor, Singer, Dancer.

G.S. - Capitola, CA
I met Jacquie Fruttero at a meditation/talk she was was AMAZING!! I even bought the meditation book she was selling written by her teacher because it had numerous other meditations inside and I went right home to do another one...
The next week I had a private session with Jacquie... and 7 sessions later I'm HOOKED!!! I can’t get enough...I am working on EVERYTHING from my relationship with my husband to relationships with my family members...I am clearing stuff from childhood that I had no idea was holding me back from being the best me I could be!! I'm working on my health issues (balancing out thyroid, removing toxins, balancing out hormones, etc), I'm working on work (being more efficient, clearing blocks, manifesting my vision of expanding my wellness center etc…). Jacquie is even working with my dog to help clear out her anxiety and barking...I can’t think of anything that's weighing on me that I'm not working on...

I’ve also done sessions via phone, which is nice when I want to get a session in but Jacquie's not in town.
In the last couple months from meeting Jacquie my life has transformed in unbelievable and magical ways. I’ve done A LOT of work on myself over the last 10 years and I’ve got to say this is one of the MOST powerful things I’ve done!!

G.S. owner-Wellness Center California


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