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Earth Healing

Mother Earth has energy systems that are just like ours.  She has energy lines which are like our acupuncture meridians.  They are called ley lines.  She has pools of energy, much like our acupuncture points.  These are called nodes.  She has spinning energy centers, much like our chakras. These are called vortex centers or vortices. She has layers of energy that make up her atmospheric field.  These are much like our auric field.  Due to many factors, natural and man-made, her energy systems are out of balance.

We have taken and modern spiritual healing principals and learned how to work with the Earth’s energy systems to facilitate healing, clearing, transformation, and positive change.  We have discovered some very simple, yet deeply profound ways, to open to spirit and bring pure love, wisdom, clarity, and healing directly into the land and water. 

In the one-on-one training and the classes we offer, you can learn how to do whatever healing you need for your area of the planet.  The Earth healing work that we offer can be used to heal, clear, and transform anything. 

Some examples of work we have done are:

  • Transforming toxicity in the land and bringing ruined land back to life.
  • Assisting with balancing the weather patterns so that rain was called into end droughts in several areas of the USA.
  • The Dharma of prosperity was activated in a small artist and healing community in the Southwest.
  • Energy work on the floor of the Pacific Ocean has reduced volcano and earthquake activity, thereby, increasing the intensity of many Earth changes that were predicted. 

Every area on Mother Earth has its own particular eco-systems and regional challenges. This Earth Healing work can be used to address anything and everything that you are working on in your part of the world. 

  Get to Know Kathryn Keeton!
Kathryn Keeton
Kathryn Keeton is a Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Facilitator of Earth Healing.  She works with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Higher Beings of Light.  Her work is designed to help individuals, families, and communities to remember and re-embody who they truly are.  She teaches ancient healing techniques for Mother Earth and The Collective Soul of Humanity.  She helps students discover, integrate, and learn to work with the present and future techniques of healing by calling forth the deep Sacredness of ourselves, families, communities, and our world.  Her commitment is to hold an ever-expanding space of Divine Consciousness so that every being on the Earth has a chance to choose their highest levels of growth, purpose, bliss, love, and service.  Her work is compassionate, gentle, powerful, and Divinely Inspired.
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