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September 21, 2013 to December 31, 2013
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Message from Archangel Raphael | Meditation for Healing | How I Met Archangel Raphael

Message From Archangel Raphael 
Archangel Raphael is the angel of Divine Healing, although he can call forth a full array of healing frequencies directly from Divine Source, he works primarily with the green and gold rays. The gold ray is the way of Divine Healing. The frequencies are extremely high resonance. The purpose of the gold ray is soul level healing, soul-activation, and support for attaining full soul expression. Archangel Raphael and the healing angels that he accesses use this gold ray healing for a myriad of things. The Divine Healing energy can be used for clearing the soul of impediments such as: imprinting from other people, soul wounds from this life and others, belief systems and mental programming and more. Gold ray energy can be utilized for healing work such as soul retrieval, soul repair, activation of higher levels of consciousness and integration of Higher Self awareness in the body, mind and heart.

Archangel Raphael was “born” as an Archangel. He was created from the aspect of Divine Source which is committed to offering us healing, recovery, and full spiritual awakening.

“Healing, in its highest form, is the opportunity for lessons to be learned and transcended. On our soul’s journey we have parts of us that are curious about things. (Beginning of cycles of karma.) Sometimes, these situations can be exciting, adventurous, fun-filled, and loving growth experiences. Sometimes these learning situations provide challenges to grow, difficult conundrums and puzzles to be figured out. When we fail to get the lesson the first time, an “imprint” of the situation and unresolved experience sets in. This is a simple reminder to pick up the thread later, which can allow for a re-experiencing of the situations when we are older and hopefully wiser. The imprints are what most people call karma. As we meet these opportunities or karmic patterns there is always Divine Intervention available to assist us. We need only ask. When you don’t understand what is being asked of you, Divine Source can help you become clear. If you meet the challenge you do not know how to address, Divine Source can help guide you. If you are being called to do something that is requiring you to grow and stretch, Divine Source can support you. Diving Source is always at your service.

“My dharma is to be of service to humanity by holding the Divine Space of Healing, Recovery, and Soul Awakening. My purpose is to train healers and angels in the Spirit Realms to be able to help all beings on Earth. We are especially interested in assisting humanity. At this point in time, humanity is poised on the brink of Spiritual Awakening. The gold ray of soul healing can assist in individual spiritual awakening. Call on me or any of my gold ray angels to help you with moving forward on your soul’s journey. Call on us in your meditation groups, church gatherings, class or healing circle. We will gladly assist you in removing blocks to your soul’s full expression and activating higher levels of awakening. Your Divine Expression of self is your highest possible way to live. It is your greatest gift and your finest way to be of service. Be yourself. Let your light shine. Become the Divine Embodied.”- Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael also works with the energy of the green ray. The green ray is used for physical healing. The body is truly the temple of the soul. Your body is the Scared Space which your soul has the opportunity to embody, live and work through. Physical healing, repair and periodic upgrade are part of what the green ray can help you with. You can call on Archangel Raphael and his angels to help you with everything from small aches and pains to major healing tasks such as acute or chronic illness or injury. The green ray can be used to clear and heal your energy meridians, organs, glands, muscles, fascia and even your bones. The green ray of healing can be used to heal and repair brain tissue, systems in the body such as the cardiovascular system or lymphatic system. The green ray can be used to attune the body, heal past life traumas which manifest physically and to open higher brain centers for soul-level perception.

Archangel Raphael uses the green and gold rays together for many reasons. When the soul’s energies and the bodies energies are worked on at the same time it increases harmony, balance and intelligence in the symbiotic relationship between your body and your soul. The multitudes of frequencies used to heal and balance the soul and the body offer a magnificent multi-pointed calibration. This allows for a fuller attunement between your souls’ consciousness and your physical body. It allows for a stronger connection between your soul’s awareness and your bodies innate intelligence. It allows your body to constantly bathe in your soul’s love, healing energy, bliss and truth of self. This can assist the cells in your body in attaining health, peace, higher light, balance and full awakening of their own consciousness. Working with the healing power of green and gold rays together can help create a beautiful union of body and soul.

Your body has many natural windows to “the other side”. There are points on the body which open to awareness of your soul and higher self. These are windows which open to inter-dimensional realities in time and space. There are windows which can open you to your teachers and higher guides. Ask Archangel Raphael to assist you in clearing and opening one or more of these windows. See what occurs for you in your mind’s eye in higher levels of awareness. Watch for guidance, visions, dreams or experiences designed to help you. Call on Archangel Raphael for any kind of healing. Experience and learn.

Meditation for Healing  (Back to the Top)

  1. Sit quietly, breathe deeply and relax.
  2. Ask Archangel Raphael to come and be with you. Ask him to send 2 healing angels to be with you.
  3. Let him know what you want to heal, balance, repair, open up or embody. Set your intention for that to occur.
  4. Open to the gold and green healing rays and Archangel Raphael or his angels.
  5. Breath, relax and receive.
  6. Stay open and relaxed until you feel the energy winding down.
  7. When you feel complete, ask the angels to stop and disconnect from your energy field.
  8. Move slowly. Ground. Breath.
  9. Give Thanks

How I Met Archangel Raphael  (Back to the Top)

By Kathryn Keeton

I was traveling with a friend in Hawaii. We were on the island of Kauai. Her hobby is photographing churches. Mine at the time, was meditating at Scared Sites throughout the United States and Canada.

We had heard about a large statue of Kuan Yin at a Buddhist temple on the West side of the island. We had traveled over to check it out. After some great photos and a very powerful meditation, we left - full and peaceful. On the way back to the North Shore, my friend saw a beautiful church. It was brand new. It was round, made of wood and glass. We stopped so she could photograph it. They were holding Mass. She decided to go in and participate. I walked the grounds, looking for a nice spot in nature to sit and meditate. Every place was beautiful, as is the case throughout Hawaii. I walked to the back of the property and discovered a tiny little chapel.

I normally prefer the feeling of ashrams and temples over churches. I had, however been living in New Mexico for 8 years, and in that time I had discovered the true spiritual power in some of the older churches and chapels where people had worshiped for centuries in true faith. This little chapel looked and felt like some of the chapels I loved in the Southwest. It looked like it was made out of adobe; only it was white-washed. The windows were small and very high up. As I approached, I saw that the door was old, heavy and made of wood.

I walked in and was immediately struck by very high resonance energy. I walked down the center isle on an old wooden floor. The pews were made of golden brown wood. The altar in the front was simple and beautiful. As I approached the front of the church, something off to my right grabbed my attention. I turned to look up to my right. There was a 4 foot high niche about 6 feet up the wall. In the niche was a beautiful statue of Archangel Raphael. It was painted in the old style with lots of color and gold leaf overlay. The statue was surrounded with green and gold light that was embodying the spirit of Archangel Raphael. I don’t know how I knew this. My awareness took all of this in, in a millisecond. All of a sudden a huge flash of gold and green light shot out from Archangel Raphael and into my heart. My heart and soul experienced a complete surrender to Spirit. My body went limp and I collapsed on the floor of the chapel. Archangel Raphael spoke to me. He said “ I am Archangel Raphael. I am an emissary of healing from Divine Source. I would like to work with you to re-calibrate your cellular structure (body) to accept a new template for healing. This will activate aspects of your higher consciousness which are connected with the greater web of life and humanity. Feel and receive all of the love that these aspects of yourself will allow you to work with many, many people at a time over long distances. There will be downloads of information 4 times per year which will allow you to embody and practice these new ways of assisting and serving humanity. Feel and receive all of the love that Spirit is pouring into your soul. Continue your surrender process. As you open more and more to Source, so much more will be available to others through you. I, Archangel Raphael, will be with you from here forward, just as your dear Djwhal Khul is. I will be available in service to you and through you for others. I have much to show you and share with you about higher Divine Healing. I love and you I will be with you.”

I lay on the floor for what must have been close to an hour, though it seemed like only a few minutes. I felt blessed and consecrated by Divine Light. Spirit was working on hundred of things in my body, mind, heart and soul at once. I felt Archangel Raphael’s consciousness as a Higher Being. I was able to see through his eyes and hear through his ears, and I was able to see myself through his perceptions. I was completely blown away. I have always been able to perceive the true Divine nature of things. I can see, feel and relate to people as their true authentic selves. Until that moment, I had never been able to perceive more than a tiny bit of my own soul. I have spent much time, up through today, accepting and opening loving, to what I saw. Each day from then until now, Archangel Raphael has been with me, loving me, supporting me, and guiding me on my journey. His healing work is not too shabby

  Who are the Ascended Masters?

They are a group of Spirits who work closely with each other and Divine Source to assist the unfolding of the Divine Plan on Earth. Each of them are souls who    have traveled    the path    of human endeavor to the point of full re-unification with Spirit. This is the path of all    souls on the    physical plane. They have each faced challenges, crises, and obstacles common to all souls walking the human path to enlightenment.

Their intention is to support each and every one of you in your chosen path and to facilitate the mass awakening of the consciousness of humanity. They have found that truth is usually simple, play is helpful, peace and rest are required, and true love is the key. They offer assistance to you now, as always.

They love you night and day, more than you can know.

They hold the outcomes in the highest resonance space possible.

Jesus Christ
(also known as Sananda)
: He was an enlightened Master who appeared in the Middle East 2,000 years ago. He taught peace, love, compassion, healing, and manifestation, and His consciousness oversees all of the work of the Ascended Masters.

He incarnated 2,500 years ago, and lived a life that exemplified the attainment of enlightenment in a physical body. He taught meditation, contemplation, transcendence of suffering, compassion, unconditional love, and surrendering of the ego (or rigid mind). He assists Christ by overseeing the Path of Enlightenment (also known as the path of evolution) for all human beings on Earth.

El Morya
El Morya has incarnated over thousands of years as a spiritual leader and teacher in the Far East and Middle East. He works with humanity's consciousness in the areas of right livelihood, right action, commitment and intention, and global finance. He has taught the healing arts in many cultures over the centuries.

Master Kurthumi

Master Kurthumi attained enlightenment in a physical body many centuries ago. Prior to that time, he incarnated as a spiritual teacher and leader in most of the major civilizations on Earth. Since his "enlightenment" in a physical body, he has taught mostly from the spiritual planes. He trains healers, Masters, and spiritual teachers in consciousness. He occasionally appears in physical form to teach or heal to crowds in the Himalayas, India, China, Tibet, and the Middle East.

Master Djwhal Khul
Djwhal works directly with many healers, channels, and spiritual teachers all over the world. His primary focus is spiritual evolution through understanding the true Self, and transcending the false self. He teaches with patience, compassion, humor, and wisdom. Djwhal recommends "blending" your energy field with that of your Teachers as often as possible!

Mother Mary
Mother Mary is the essence of the Divine Feminine. Her consciousness has primarily presided over those of Christian faith, in the last 2,000 years, as a constant reminder of the Feminine Principle in Spirit. Her energy is that of pure compassion and unconditional love.

She has recently begun a "blending" process with Kuan Yin.

Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin is the feminine incarnation of Buddha (Buddhic consciousness). She incarnated 500 years after Buddha. She traveled to many of the same places he had been and taught very similar things. She was born enlightened. Her consciousness embodies male and female energies and will bring to each person whatever is appropriate to them in each given circumstance. In the Far East, she is known as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine energy - Big Love, compassion, understanding, and healing. She is also known for ruthlessness in the face of illusion, fear and doubt, or negativity. Her warrior aspect is fierce and fair.

Serapis Bey
Serapis Bey is the Master of mass ascension. His work is to assist the Lightworkers (group of World Servers) to ascend at the beginning of this millennium (approximately 2000-2025). He works in close association with the other Ascended Masters on this project. He also works directly with many of his long-time friends and students, who are currently in bodies, to assist in this process.

St. Germaine
St. Germaine's energy is the energy of transmutation and transformation. Anywhere that there is negativity, heaviness, or darkness, St. Germaine is happy to go and transmute that energy into a higher frequency of light. His energy is fun, bubbly, powerful, and alchemical in nature. He can be mischievous and has been known to use Heyoka or coyote (trickster) medicine on occasion.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is one of the Archangels. He has never incarnated into physical form. He is one of the celestial "Guardians" of Planet Earth. His consciousness holds all of us in a space of unity and light beyond the illusion of duality. His teachings assist us in understanding the nature of darkness on this planet. He teaches of the origination of darkness and how to transcend darkness (duality) forever. Darkness is simply ignorance of or the absence of Light (knowledge, awareness, sensitivity, love, etc.). In order to transcend darkness (fear, anger, ignorance) you must become the Light. Let the light of Spirit permeate every aspect of your Self. Watch the darkness go. " - Archangel Michael

The Ashtar Command

The Ashtar Command is a group of fifth-dimensional extra-terrestrials who assist humanity at this time. They have worked extensively to assist us in creating a smoother transition through the Earth changes. They work constantly on the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth. They also work on fault lines, volcanoes, lay lines, nodes, and vortex centers to smooth out the energetic and physical changes

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