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Walk with us on a journey to what it means to have a clear,
                                  and vibrant life and to unlock your true potential!

Kathryn Keeton, The Ascended Masters, The Archangels, and other Light Beings have created books, e-books, CD's, and music to assist and support you on your journey of healing, growth, and spiritual unfoldment.


Spiritual Products

Kathryn Keeton and The Ascended Masters first book, Spiritual Healing I - $25 (plus shipping)
Learn about our energy systems, our consciousness, how issues and karma are created, how to heal yourself, who The Ascended Masters are, and so much more.  Many healing techniques and meditations that we teach are included in this book. Below are several excerpts of Spiritual Healing I.



CDs & eMusic

Creation & Manifestation Meditation - $10
(plus shipping)

Expansion of Consciousness Meditation - $10
(plus shipping)

Connect with Your Spirit Guides & Angels Meditation - $10(plus shipping)
Connect with Your Higher Self Meditation - $10
(plus shipping)

Rainbow Healing Meditation - $20
(plus shipping)

Earth Healing Meditation - $10
(plus shipping)

  Get the first volume of Kathryn Keeton and the Ascended Masters book "Spiritual Healing One"!
Jacquie Fruttero
Click Here to order your copy today and learn more about how to free your true inner YOU!!

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